Gift Acceptance Policy

The Lakeville Journal Foundation appreciates your interest in contributing to our work.  We have developed this gift acceptance policy to provide transparency and clear guidance for you, our donors, about the ways in which you can contribute to keeping a vibrant journalistic presence here.   


The Lakeville Journal Foundation owns The Lakeville Journal LLC, which publishes the Lakeville Journal and the Millerton News.  The Foundation is qualified as a 501c (3) organization to seek tax-deductible donations to supplement revenue from advertising and other sources. Its status as a charitable organization bars explicit endorsements of candidates for public office.  

The Lakeville Journal Foundation does not accept gifts from any entity or person that seeks or expects control over its work. We also do not accept gifts from political parties, elected officials, or candidates seeking public office.  Accepting financial support does not mean we endorse donors or their products, services, or opinions. See Donor and Financial Transparency Policy; /donor-and-financial-transparency-policy

The Lakeville Journal’s news judgments are made independently.  Donors will not have a right to review, edit, or control the content of the newspapers.  See Editorial Independence Policy; /editorial-independence-policy


The Lakeville Journal Foundation solicits and accepts unrestricted gifts that are consistent with its mission. Donations and other forms of support will generally be accepted from individuals, named donor-advised funds, partnerships, corporations, foundations, government agencies or other entities. We will provide donors with a receipt indicating the tax-deductibility of donations but will not provide tax or financial advice directly to donors.  

Anonymous Donations

The Foundation and the newspaper’s policy is to list all donors unless the donor requests anonymity, The Foundation will not accept anonymous gifts greater than $5,000.  See Donor and Financial Transparency Policy; /donor-and-financial-transparency-policy

How to Donate

Gifts of cash: You may mail your check, money order, or bank draft, payable to the Lakeville Journal Foundation, to: The Lakeville Journal Foundation 64 Route 7 N, Falls Village, CT 06031 or PO Box 1688 Lakeville, CT 06039

Credit/debit cards:  You may contribute online by following the link /donate.  

Gifts of marketable securities:  Gifts of marketable securities may be made through our partner the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation (BTCF).  Stock donations will be liquidated as soon as practicable, and the proceeds will be placed into the LJ/MN Reserve Fund at BTCF. You can make such a gift by contacting us at and we will provide you with instructions for your broker.   

Bequests and Beneficiary Designations under Revocable Trusts, Life Insurance Policies, Commercial Annuities and Retirement Plans: 

Donors are encouraged to make bequests to The Lakeville Journal Foundation under their wills, and to name The Lakeville Journal Foundation as the beneficiary under trusts, life insurance policies, commercial annuities, and retirement plans.

Charitable Remainder Trusts: The Lakeville Journal Foundation will accept designation as a remainder beneficiary of charitable remainder trusts.

Charitable Lead Trusts: The Lakeville Journal Foundation will accept designation as an income beneficiary of charitable lead trusts.

Other gifts not specified above: The Lakeville Journal Foundation will not accept the following: securities with restrictions or buy-sell agreements; illiquid assets or interests; gifts requiring the Foundation to assume financial or other obligations; other tangible personal property; land; or real estate.   


The Lakeville Journal Foundation reserves the right to decline any gifts for any reason. Declining a gift may come in circumstances where the Foundation believes it might create an appearance of bias or a conflict of interest, where it believes the gift is not in the best interest of the Lakeville Journal Foundation, where the gift does not have a charitable benefit to the Lakeville Journal Foundation, or where the gift would jeopardize the financial, legal, moral integrity or reputation of the Lakeville Journal Foundation.  

Gift Refunds

Charitable donations to the Lakeville Journal Foundation are not refundable.

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