Wilcox Memorial Park
Rt. 199
Stanfordville, N.Y.
United States
The 2024 4-H A-Fair To Remember

The 2024 4-H A-Fair To Remember

A 4-H Fair will be held on June 2, 2024 at Wilcox Memorial Park in Stanfordville, N.Y. from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

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Sharon Ridge rent rises

SHARON — At a meeting held at Town Hall on Tuesday, May 21, The Sharon Housing Authority voted to raise the monthly rent in Sharon Ridge affordable housing by 4% per month per unit starting Monday, July 1.

The discussion with tenants present at the meeting turned to the lack of reserve funds, with Chairman Brent Colley noting that it would not be advisable at this time to spend money devoted purely to landscaping projects for the apartments when there were potentially costly factors that could arise in the future, like air conditioning repairs.

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Sharon Connect Task Force celebrates

Sharon First Selectman Casey Flanagan congratulated the task force’s success at Veterans’ Field.

Alexander Wilburn

SHARON —The volunteer-led Sharon Connect Task Force completed a long-term project in conjunction with the efforts of Comcast Xfinity to ensure that 270 previously unserved homes and businesses in Sharon now have access to high-speed internet service. On Friday, May 17, Sharon Connect hosted a town-wide celebration, inviting Sharon residents to Veterans’ Field to mark the accomplishment.

“This has been a long process for all of you involved, the Sharon Connect Task Force, Comcast, and all the people who didn’t have fast, reliable internet before now,” said Sharon First Selectman Casey Flanagan. “You were without the internet for decades. Thank you for sticking with us and figuring a way through. The Sharon Connect Task Force is a group of volunteers who have dedicated many, many hours of their lives to help in the community.”

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day traditionally marks the beginning of a new season even if summer officially is a few weeks off. Our streets become parade routes festooned with flags and marching bands. The busy lives we live don’t always allow for time to stand on the roadside and patiently watch for the first sign of a fire truck coming down Main Street, or pause on the sidewalk to wait for the advancing sounds of a marching band.

We see young and old pass in procession. And we applaud and cheer. There is palpable excitement when the sirens wind up. We look around and nod with our neighbors. A wave and a hello leads to conversation, often small talk but the totality of this Memorial Day moment is the connective tissue we depend on as a community. We take time out to visit.

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From Kyiv to Connecticut
Ira Buch in Gdansk, Poland, after the war broke out in Ukraine in 2022.

January, 2022. My new year celebration in Ukraine was accompanied by cheerful optimism for the upcoming year. After being wrongly diagnosed with lupus, this time marked the end of 12 months of everlasting hospital visits, biopsies, and analysis. Looking ahead, I hoped to spend the coming year with my family and friends, as the need for my isolation had passed.

But then, on Feb. 24, 2022, the world turned upside down. With explosions outside my home in Kyiv, all I could wish for was the isolation and silent safety I once knew in those hospital rooms.

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