Town Board ignores resident’s questions at public meeting

Resident Cheryl Morse addressed the Amenia Town Board during the public comment section of its regular meeting on Thursday, Feb. 28, with two rumors she had heard which the board did not address.“I’ve had several phone calls from people wondering about an investigation that either might be being conducted or is already closed about a personnel file that was missing here at Town Hall,” she said.According to Morse the file in question belonged to Bookkeeper to the Supervisor Sherry Johnson.“I find it a little worrisome that a personnel file was missing, particularly because I understand that Dutchess County Civil Services has been looking at her employment payroll issues,” Morse said.The issue Morse referred to was $5,000 Johnson was paid for extra hours worked in 2012.The payment became an issue as Flood called it a “merit raise,” yet the increase to Johnson’s salary bumped her position into a competitive bracket instead of it being appointed, as she was.The only action taken in that situation was a letter sent to the board from the New York State Comptroller’s Office, which explained why the awarded funds were questionable.Johnson was not required to refund the $5,000.Morse was suspicious of the lost file happening after the merit raise incident.“It seems kind of weird and convenient that it would disappear at this time,” she said.Morse also questioned the board about a rumor regarding the town water.“I’ve also had some reports from people who are questioning an issue about giving the town water department over to Dutchess County to administer. I’d like to know a little bit about that, if it’s being considered,” she said.Morse ended her public comment with a plea to the board to address the rumors.“I’d like to see those issues addressed so we have a clear understanding of what’s going on. So that there’s not rumor, innuendo, untruths and gossip being spread around. So, if you could let us know something about that, it would be nice to know. Thank you,” she said.The board did not comment on Morse’s statements. Flood asked the audience if there were any more comments before moving on with regular business.

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$12 million sale of Cornwall estate sets Litchfield County record

Tennis legend Ivan Lendl sold his 445-acre estate in Cornwall and Goshen on Jan. 25 for $12 million, a record sale for Litchfield County. The 18,000-square-foot Georgian Federal-style mansion was designed by the American architect Allan Greenberg for Lendl in 1992.

Brian Wilcox

CORNWALL — After alternating on and off the market since 2014, tennis pro Ivan Lendl’s 445-acre estate in Cornwall and Goshen sold for $12 million Thursday, Jan. 25, to a group of Wyoming-based LLCs, setting a record for the highest real estate transaction to date in Litchfield County.

The deal shattered a previous record-high sale set in 2008 in Kent by half a million dollars.

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NORFOLK — Insects, reptiles and birds are not typically welcome guests inside a library, but four special friends from Sharon Audubon were greeted with open arms at Norfolk Library on Wednesday, Jan. 31.

Bethany Sheffer of Sharon Audubon educated and entertained a group of 12 children who departed the school bus at the library. She brought with her a stick bug, a box turtle, a ball python and a dove, along with a table of touchable items like turtle shells and snake sheddings.

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Writers turning memories into memoirs

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Early evening in West Cornwall, twilight descending, the lights of the Cornwall Library glowed as a capacity crowd found their seats to spend the next two hours in the presence of three local authors Saturday, Jan. 27.

Cornwall resident Roxana Robinson was the moderator of the Author Talk in the library, part of a series of scheduled events. She began the evening by introducing the women seated on either side of her: “Dani Shapiro and A.M. Homes are two of our most interesting contemporary writers. Through the lenses of fiction and memoir, they have explored the world as we know it. It’s a choice all writers face — which genre, which form, will best allow me to explore this subject?”

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Bad Grass speaker series returns to The White Hart

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In the eyes of Christopher Koppel, there is no better garden designer than nature itself.

Koppel was the guest speaker Thursday, Jan. 25, at the first of the three-part lecture series Bad Grass 2024, returning to The White Hart Inn after the success of last winter’s inaugural program.

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