Tubers rescued from river in Cornwall

CORNWALL — Cornwall’s Volunteer Fire Department (CVFD) rescued three struggling tubers stuck in the Housatonic River in West Cornwall on Tuesday, May 16. First Selectman Gordon Ridgway reviewed the incident during the Board of Selectmen’s meeting later that night.

Three adventure seekers called for help after losing control of their tubes on the river. The tubers were stranded on a rock more than 30 feet from shore when CVFD arrived.

“They were certainly in what I would call a precarious situation,” said Ridgway.

CVFD utilized its rescue boat to bring the group to safety near the campsite at Housatonic Meadows. Ridgway urged those going in or near the river to take caution and wear flotation devices.

“People should remember if they go in the river to always wear a life jacket. Luckily this rescue had a happy ending, but people should beware the river is very strong,” said Ridgway.

No injuries were sustained in the incident.

The Little Guild has requested assistance from the town as they work toward building a new facility for their operations. During the construction phase, they have asked the board for permission to set up a temporary facility on town land.

“They came to ask if the town would consider putting temporary quarters on town property. Initially they asked to look at the fire house,” said Ridgway. “I suggested also that there may be room at an alternative site, if that’s too tight for them, at Foote Field.”

Ridgway said the potential location at Foote Field on Furnace Brooke Road would not impact the courts or playing fields in the park.

“They’re basically talking about bringing in three modular units. One for dogs, one for cats, and one for the management,” said Ridgway. “This would be for a year and it seems like housing our town’s homeless animals is a priority.”

The board agreed to work with the Little Guild and assist them in establishing a temporary facility on town property.

“It’s a wonderful organization and anything we can do to help them we should do happily,” said Selectman Janet Carlson.

Ridgway announced that a combined memorial service for Vietnam veterans is being planned with Kent and Warren. This service will likely be held in Kent on July 25 and vets will be presented with a certificate of appreciation from Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz. Ridgway said any veterans interested in participating can be included in the ceremony by calling the selectmen’s office.

The board moved to begin generating asphalt bids to repave roads in Cornwall. Ridgway said the budget has allocated funding for paving town roads and has discussed the project with Jim Vanicky of the Highway Department.

“We have a list of about a half-dozen vendors we have used,” said Ridgway. “Work would happen in the summer. [Vanicky] has talked to some vendors. He said they’re ready to go any time.”

Three town roads have been identified to start: Dudleytown Road, Everest Hill Road, and Popple Swamp Road. Ridgway said he hopes to present bids to the board at the June 20 meeting.

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