Letters to the Editor - 4-4-24

A total eclipse in Montana in 1979.Joe Rao

Tuning into the solar eclipse

By now everyone is tuning to the “Solar Eclipse Totality Pathway” places to be and view with special lenses where the moon blocks the view of the sun.

That is possible because the sun at 93 million miles away is 400 times farther away from the Earth than the moon is which is 238,900 miles away. The moon looks bigger because it is closer and can block the sun (partially or totally.)

Many people are tuning into the ‘energy and messages’ about what this means from a variety of sources. We could each dream up our own version or journal what feelings and healing we could be experience or hope to with online or other resources. Say to one another and oneself “all of you is welcome here (not to condone harm but to land the feelings and move toward peace.) Let’s live with hope and help for healing!

The thoughts, stories and actions of the past can inform everyone about choices for each moment and inner focus for healing, forgiveness of self and others and guidance to safety and respect.

The offerings such as BatteredMothersCustodyConference.org advocate for safety for victims (of any gender but generally Moms are More at Risk) and DomesticShelters.org has education for everyone to chart a course toward planning for safety over the lifespan.

Let’s look up and network in new ways, protecting rights and ways to plan for shared success. EdAdvance.org adult ed programs can be a helpful way to do that with Social Networking zoom and in person sessions for the MA/NY CT area and much more!

Catherine Palmer Paton

Falls Village

Appreciating ‘non-adopter’ viewpoint

As a check writer, land-line phone user, reader of a daily and weekly newspapers, I appreciated M.A Duca’s article “Confessions of a Non-Adopter” speaking for all my “faults.” Oh yes, eyebrows constantly being raised by my children and grandchildren, but c’est la vie, life is good.

Peter Smith


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