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Legal Notice

Please take notice that the Town of Pine Plains Town Board will be accepting sealed bids for the purchase of the following materials for the year 2024:

1) Bituminous asphalt (various sizes) including cold mix asphalt using the most current posted

price index.

2) Crushed stone (all sizes).

3) Ice control sand- all crushed stone shall meet Section 703 of the NYSDOT ‘ Standard

Specifications’ and Natural and Processed Sands and Gravels, Crushed Stone, Aggregate, Run of Bank Gravel specifications of County of Dutchess. All stone and asphalt materials shall come from NYSDOT approved plant. Bid prices on all of the above materials per ton, with the

exception of asphalt should be for both F.O.B. and delivered.

4) Liquid calcium chloride for summer and winter.

5) Blended diesel fuel.

6) #2 Heating oil for garage, winter mix December through February for heating oil only.

7) Mid-Grade and Regular no lead gasoline.

8) Liquid Propane for garage and library.

All bids should use the Albany OPIS for the Friday immediately preceding the bid opening date.

Bids will be accepted until 12:00 noon Friday August 11, 2023 at the Town Clerks Office,

PO Box 955, 3284 Route 199 Pine Plains, NY 12567 at which time they will be opened and

read aloud.

In order for your bid to be considered complete, the following must be submitted as required by

Section 103D of the Municipal Law:

Non-Collusive Bidding Certificate

Certificate of Insurance Naming Town of Pine Plains as Certificate Holder

All bids must be submitted in sealed envelopes with the following information on the outside:

1. Materials Bids 2024

2. August 11, 2023, 12:00 PM

The Town Board reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids. The F.O.B. plant price will be analyzed with full consideration given to the distance of the plant to the project location.

Any questions should be directed to the Highway Department at (518) 398-6662.

By order of the Town Board of the Town of

Pine Plains

Madelin Dafoe

Town Clerk






NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a public hearing will be held before the Planning Board of the Town of North East on Wednesday, August 9, 2023 at the North East Town Hall, 19 N. Maple Ave., Millerton, NY at 7:40 PM or as soon thereafter as possible on the application of Norman Jacobskind/Rivendell Millerton RE LLC for a Minor Subdivision/Lot Line Adjustment on Tax Parcel #7274-00-410020 located at 182 Quarry Hill Drive, Millerton, NY in the A5A Zoning District of the Town of North East and Parcel #7274-00-490056 located at Quarry Hill Drive, Millerton, NY in the A5A Zoning District of the Town of North East.

The above application is open for inspection at the Town Hall or via email. Please request a copy by emailing the Planning Board office at or calling 518-789-3300, Ext. 608.

Persons wishing to appear at such hearing may do so in person or by attorney or other representative. Communications in writing relating thereto may be filed with the Board at such hearing. Dated: July 24, 2023.

Dale Culver


Planning Board




NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Town Board of the Town of Pine Plains invites sealed proposals for the Construction of a Precast Concrete Three-Sided Culvert necessary for the “Woodward Hill Road Culvert Replacement”, in Pine Plains, New York, as set forth in contract documents, including drawings and specifications, prepared by

CPL Architecture, Engineering, Planning and Surveying, 64 Green Street, Hudson, NY 12534.

All such sealed proposals must be received by the Town Clerk at the Town Hall, 3284 Route 199, P.O. Box 955, Pine Plains, NY 12567 on or before 11:00 a.m. August 14, 2023, at which time the bids will be publicly opened and read aloud. It is anticipated the Town Board will make a decision concerning award of the project at the August 17th meeting.

Copies of the proposed contract documents, including plans and specifications will be available to bidders electronically by requesting same from George Schmitt (town engineering representative) at

All proposals shall be made and received upon the following conditions, which are more fully set forth in the bid documents:

1. Only such proposals as are made and filed upon the forms available in the office of the Town Clerk will be accepted.

2. Proposals are to be enclosed in a sealed envelope.

3. Each proposal must be accompanied by a certified check in the sum of five percent (5%) of the amount bid, payable to the order of the Town of Pine Plains, or a bond with sufficient sureties, to be approved by the Supervisor, as Chief Financial Officer, in such amount, conditioned that if the proposal is accepted, the bidder will enter into a contract for the same and will provide acceptable security, in the form of cash, certified check or performance bonds, or letters of credit, as set forth in the contract documents, for the faithful performance of the contract, within 15 days from the acceptance of the proposal.

4. Pursuant to the provisions of GML 105, no bids may be withdrawn unless no contract is awarded for more than 45 days after the opening thereof. Upon such proper withdrawal of bid, the deposit shall be forthwith returned. After award of the contract, all bid deposits or other bid bonds except that of the successful bidder will be returned.

5. Upon acceptance of the bid, if the successful bidder fails to enter into a contract pursuant to the requirements of said Town Board or fails to give the further security prescribed in this notice within the time noted herein, then the check deposited as aforesaid, and the moneys standing to the credit of the same shall be forfeited to the Town as liquidated damages and not as a penalty and the Supervisor shall collect the same or enforce the payment of the bond for the benefit of the Town.

6. All bids shall contain the non-collusion certificate in a form meeting the requirements of

GML 103-d.

The Town Board reserves the right, in its discretion, to waive technical noncompliance or irregularities that are not material or substantial, and to reject all bids and to rebid the project.

By order of the

Town Board

Madelin Dafoe,


3284 Route 199,

P.O. Box 955

Pine Plains, NY 12567

Phone: (518) 398-7155







PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Pine Plains Town Board will hold a public hearing on proposed Local Law No. _4_ of the Year 2023 entitled: “A Local Law

Abolishing the Offices of Three (3) Elected Assessors and Establishing the Office of a Single Appointed Assessor Pursuant to Real Property Tax Law” on August 17, 2023 at 7:10 p.m. at the Pine Plains Town Hall, located at 3284 Route 199, Pine Plains, New York. The purpose of this Local Law is to abolish the office of three (3) elected Assessors as of December 31, 2023 and to appoint a sole Assessor pursuant to Real Property Tax Law ÔøΩ310 for a term to commence on January 1, 2024. A copy of said Local Law is posted on the Town’s official Board and the Town’s website and is available for inspection at the Town Clerk’s office during normal business hours. Any person desiring to be heard on said Local Law shall be provided with an opportunity to do so. Dated: July 20, 2023.



Town Clerk



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