I am definitely living my best dog life now

My name is Elsie and I am a 4-year-old Labrador Retriever. I realize that this may sound callous and tone deaf, but I am living the dream. This is a golden age for canine companions or, for the unenlightened, pets. I know I’m lucky. I’ve heard some loose talk about the terrible fate of animals left behind during Hurricane Katrina. My people are with me 24/7 and from what I can tell their whole life revolves around me. She says that she would never leave without her dog and I believe her. Of course, he chimes in that I like him best, which puts me in a very awkward position, but I’m pretty sure that he wouldn’t leave without me either.

Recently, I had a terrible health scare. Although, to be honest, the only reason I’m aware of this is that everyone keeps hugging and patting me and offering congratulations for still being alive. I heard that he cried like a baby during the whole ordeal, which is pathetic. Then I think of Katrina and I’m OK with it. But he does need to man-up.

To be clear, I’m not saying that everything’s perfect. Listening to them repeat the same things over and over again, sometimes it’s just too much. So, for the record: Yes, I am a good girl. I know I’m pretty. I do want a treat. Asked and answered. Who do I like best? Who do you think I like best? The person who’s feeding me. After all, I am a Lab. I can’t help myself, that’s just the way it is.

And while I’m venting, why has the most popular dog in America never won at Westminster? Never! How is that possible? Maybe if I fit in a handbag I’d have a better shot. I’d like to see one of those dogs swim out in frigid water to retrieve a stick. OK, end of rant. 

Let’s face it, I’ve got it pretty good. He thinks I like being kissed on my head and nose every night before the final walk and, truth be told, I kind of look forward to it. She has me outside gardening with her all day. And, I must admit, that I do enjoy the attention of the people who stop by.

Of course, some day this pandemic will be over and people will be out and about again. Even my people. I know this is selfish but I’m not looking forward to it. The best I can do is be grateful that I was fortunate to have lived during a time when it really was all about me living my best dog life.


M. A. Duca is a resident of Twin Lakes narrowly focused on everyday life. Elsie is, of course, his canine companion. 

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