Packed house for DOT info session
Riley Klein

Packed house for DOT info session

Norfolk HUB was filled with residents eager to learn about the multi-year roadwork on Route 44. Department of Transportation Chief Engineer Amy Hare presented details of the plan and answered all audience questions. Traffic will be reduced to one lane during work to construct a new retaining wall. The wall will be 42-feet at its highest and will take up to five years to complete. A major truck detour will add approximately 40 minutes of drive time for freight haulers. Full story here.

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Our Unique Habitat

A quarterly letter from the Salisbury Conservation Commission

Welcome to the Salisbury Conservation Commission’s quarterly missive. The SCC is a new town committee formed to advise and support, but not make policy on, the many wonderful environmental resources we have in town. It’s a win-win commission!

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Letters to the Editor - 6-13-24

Father’s Day tribute to ‘my Papa’

In honor of Father’s Day this coming Sunday, I’d like to tell you a little about my Papa. Some of you may have noticed him around town, in his signature pink trousers and red convertible with matching hat. Others may have seen him playing cards with me at local restaurants and wearing festive hats at Christmas time. He waves and say hello to passers by and always has a smile on his face. During Covid he amused many with his funny face masks. Did you see him?

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Post Mar-a-Lago, Mike Johnson seems a different person

In early April, facing a battle over retaining his Speakership, Mike Johnson went to visit former President Trump at his Florida estate to seek his support. It would appear that Trump gave his blessing to the Speaker in return for Johnson’s more vociferous expression of unswerving loyalty to him. Johnson now seems almost like a different person.

While Speaker Johnson tended to stay in the background while getting accustomed to his new position, recently he has been asserting himself aggressively. Later in April, he came, uninvited, to Columbia University where he spoke out against student protesters and called for the National Guard to be brought in to put down the anti-semitic violence (there was none). Appearing at former President Trump’s trial in NYC with a scrum of Republican officials (all nearly identically dressed), he gave a short speech denouncing the trial and misrepresenting the facts. Then, after the verdict was announced, without any supporting evidence he called the trial “a severe miscarriage of justice” and said the Supreme Court should completely overrule the verdict. Did Johnson realize that the Supreme Court had no jurisdiction in the matter even though he remarked that a couple of them were his personal friends?

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